DrSketchy Paris - Comedy Club - Weimar Berlin

Aislynn Findley (Darkteaser)
Dyna Dagger from "La Petite Cour des Astres"
SS general
Dyna Dagger
Massimiliano Mocchia di Chioggiola from Dr Sketchy
SS General & soubrette


Spring 2010: At the Museum

Pluton enchainant Cerère

Mucius Scevola

Galàte Mourant

Abèle Mourant

La Nymphe Salmacis (1778/1845)

Milone de Crotone (1720/1775)


Jardin des Plantes - Musée de L'Evolution


Old stuff since 2008 until 2009: free sketches waiting for playblast

It's a girl or a boy?... Not decided yet.
The Last Despicable Me Playblasts...
A big think after a big effort
Fat panda

Some melted stuff since 2008 Winter until the end ot 2009